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This yarn has a little more “zest” than a typical super wash yarn. A blend of fine superwash wool and luxe baby alpaca fiber. It has all the structure and softness from wool, with the extra warmth thanks to the baby alpaca!


Worsted weight, 191 yards - 100 grams

80% Fine Superwash Merino Wool
20% Baby Alpaca



It's time to start working on those cold-weather garments and that makes us want to party! (Hey!  Good work takes time.) When I’m partying with my homies, I know we need great music. Introducing the Spicy Collection (trying not to get sued….) in our favorite girl band colors of the 1990’s.


I’ll tell ya what I want. Some really cool freaking yarn.


Ombré. Worsted weight 191 yards, 100 grams 80% Fine Superwash Merino Wool & 20% Baby Alpaca. 


Machine wash, gentle. Dry flat, away from direct sunlight.

Posh - Spicy Collection

  • Hand wash, use mild detergent, do not bleach, dry flat away from direct sunlight.

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