This limited edition yarn base gets its extra special softness from its halo of angora.  A beautifully twisted double-ply, fingering weight yarn of 80% Merino and 20% Angora perfect for creating classic lace shawls and lusciously cozy cowls.

Yarn base available for a limited time in fingering weight, 219 yards-50 grams.


We create our yarns based on moments in history.  This one is certainly no different.  Recently, B Team Fibers took part in an “artist’s challenge” where we were asked to create a piece that fell in with the theme- “Let Gratitude Fill Your Heart.” 

While creating this yarn, I was inspired by three things in 2020 and 2021. Globes, the changing of the weather, and vaccines. 

  • Globes: Back in March, when everything started to fall apart, I was furloughed from my job.  I packed up my things, left my office, stopped at Target to get some essentials (TP was on the list, thank heavens…), and when I got home my kids and I drew a poster for our front window.  It said, “All in this together”.  The cliche that everyone was pushing at the time.  There was a big globe in the center of our drawing.  This signified the start of the many months I was able to spend with my children, uninterrupted by my crazy work schedule.  I was able to make up for a lot of missed time with those kids and for that, I will always be grateful.  This yarn is based on the colors of our globe.  

  • Changing of the weather: As 2021 began, the weather in Chicago finally got cold and grey.  We finally started to get the amounts of snow typical for our region.  I am grateful for the change in the weather that is soon to come.  Spring’s renewal and the playful energy of summer.  This yarn, when laid out, untwisted from its hank, is a timeline of the year.  It begins with wintery blues and grey, with changes into the vibrant greens and yellows of spring. It eventually changes into bits of yellow and the healthy rosy pinks and reds of summer.

  • Vaccines: Just as the timeline of the yarn goes from cloudy bluish greys to hopeful greens to healthy rosy reds….  So does our outlook as vaccines become more readily available as the year goes on and a plan is developed to distribute them to whoever would like to have one.  So I am most grateful for a good and healthy outcome for us all in 2021. 





2021-Let Gratitude Fill Your Heart

  • Hand Wash/Dry Flat