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   B Team Fibers is owned and operated by a husband and wife team that has been through it all together!   

   Dave and Nicole Boylan celebrated their 20th anniversary in April of 2020 with their three dogs in pure pandemic style.  Dave is a veteran of the US Army, now working a job he loves servicing communications for Federal agencies as well as local police and fire departments.  Nicole is the costume shop manager of a Regional theatre, just outside of Chicago, currently furloughed until further noticed.  They have also proudly served as foster parents since September, 2015.

   The B Team came about as a sort of nickname to build a familial bond with some very special friends, who coincidentally shared the same last initial as Dave and Nicole's.  It stuck because of the connotation that comes with the name, since at the time we were the back up plan.  Eventually, the B team honor was also extended to grandparents and aunts and uncles whose names also began with then letter B.  Later, anyone was allowed to join the B Team that wanted to join.  :)

   Dave and Nicole live a relatively normal life, with the exception of their extreme love of lost art forms.  They love incorporating some aspects of a self-sufficient antique way of life.  Sewing, quilting, spinning yarn, wood working, growing my our food, canning and food preservation, etc etc etc.....  We were certainly born in the wrong century.  We love studying history and take pride in our ability to shop at antique stores for tools and gadgets that we can identify and use in our everyday life.  

   B Team Fibers began as a project to teach our kids what a hobby was.  They helped us choose colorways, blended fibers for spinning, and occasionally took a spin at the spinning wheel.  We visited small alpaca farms in Florida and the Midwest.  It then turned into a side hustle. which turned into a big success!  

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